Don't wait until it's been nearly a year (or longer!) to see to the needs of your beloved family pets! Most of our regular clients are on a rotating schedule to ensure their pets never miss a grooming! Read on to see why & learn about how to sign up for priority booking & "Automatic Appointments."

Why regular grooming??

- Your pet is able to become familiar with and accustomed to the grooming process, as well as their groomer. This results in a less stressful experience for both your pet and the groomer!

- Regular grooming will prevent matting and discomfort for your pet.

- Grooming helps keep the skin clean and may prevent infections or irritated skin conditions.

- Grooming prevents overgrown toenails, which can be very painful for your pup!

- Your groomer may bring infections, skin conditions, and other more serious problems to your attention which may require a visit to a veterinary professional. We have alerted several clients over the years of cancerous growths & other fatal abnormalities we've noted during grooming.

- Your pet will look, feel, and smell better!

Some Consequences of Irregular/Infrequent Grooming May Include:

- Serious matting

- Ear infections

- Overgrown toenails

- Irritated skin

- Fleas and/or ticks

- Behavioral problems

- Stress for the animal, its owner, and the groomer!